Cameron Barrett Smith – 3D Artist/Compositor

18 02 2009

I’m Cam. That’s me up there doing a little filming of the old Cook Strait. I’m here to tell you about my passion for film, visual fx, 3D wizardry, life, capturing and creating. Thanks for visiting.

Current CG Show Reel

Fundit TVCs

These two 5 second ads were rendered with mental ray and all 3D aspects were created entirely by myself. (I decided to leave the audio off)

Time To Fly

Please click here to view the HD version without the breakdown. Time To Fly is our final team project completed in December 2008 at Media Design School as part of the Graduate Diploma of Advanced 3D Productions. This was an excellent ‘special effects’ type project to work on as it incorporated live footage (shot in HD), CG elements (made with Maya and mental ray), blue screen footage and shooting ‘miniatures/bigatures’ in a controlled studio. It was also a lot of fun and meant a lot of late nights. We had a 32bit work flow using EXRs from Maya and did all of the compositing in Nuke. We researched the Tuis thoroughly and used a particle feather system for the main body feathers and transparency maps for the larger flight feathers.

Photo Realism in 3D



For this project I photographed a Still Life Composition and then re-created it in 3D using Maya and mental ray. Above is the Final Render and to the left are the different passes used to create it. This project furthered my knowledge of traditional Photography as well as lighting and reflections  in both the CG world and the real world.

Spherical Panoramic HDR Capture Device

NEWS FLASH: Christian Bloch, author of HDRI Handbook, was so impressed with our HDR PanoBot that he has put our recorded seminar along with additional info on his website so that everyone can learn a bit more about how it all works. Please click HERE to view.

This quick animation (inspired by Stanley Kubrick) is a 3d representation of a robot we constructed to capture High Dynamic Range Spherical Images for Image Based Lighting in Maya. This was lit with Image Based Lighting and below are some images that were also rendered with HDR IBL.bathnlifts


Cam’s Awesome NZ Tour

The clip below is a screen capture of an interactive project I’ve been working on. Chris and I had a quick trip up and down New Zealand to capture the spherical panoramas with our trusty robot, please see here for more info. Each scene has a hidden 3D object in it that I’ve rendered with the HDR version of the environment and composited into it. The exposure also changes depending on whether the mouse is over a dark area or light area of the scene to show the High Dynamic Range.


This abstract animation was our first team project from last year and was something we wanted to stand out from any other 3D animation we had seen. It is definitely unique and required a fair amount of R&D which we talk about in the ‘making of’.

In this ‘Making of’ clip, that I directed, we talk about the story behind Incipiéns as well as the different techniques used to get the over all look and feel of the piece.

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